What Happens if
the Impossible Becomes Possible?


SATURDAY, APRIL 19th   1:30 - 3:30PM

Free and Open to the Public 


Parking in the Gilman Parking Structure

SDIS member Ron Stadsklev, explorer of the outer limits of human potential, will describe his work and that of others who have investigated evidence of paranormal psychological phenomena.
While Director of Experiential Learning Projects at the University of Alabama’s Institute of Higher Education Research and Services, Stadsklev developed Human Potential Seminars based on the work of humanistic psychologist A.H. Maslow. Becoming concerned that... more

From the President

My goal here is simply to observe and appreciate all that SDIS offers us, its members — regular lecture/discussions on eclectic topics, a variety of smaller ongoing study groups, the opportunity to join with other SDIS members in the conduct of specific projects, a variety of social events in which members can build friendships with others who treasure a life of the mind, a website and notebook for written communication, and participation in the volunteer management of the organization. And, of course, members often are themselves engaged in individual scholarly studies of the most varied sort.

That said, there are no prescriptions for active participation in this community — and indeed SDIS is at heart a community. We, its members, are the organization and we make what we will of it, each in his or her individual way.

I've chosen, these past few years, to participate within SDIS not only in its intellectual activities but also in the pleasures of helping build the variety of activities which it offers. This is not entirely altruistic. I appreciate affiliations which involve meaningful exchange of viewpoints and information on wide ranging topics at a deeper level than is encountered in what euphemistically is called "cocktail party" conversation. SDIS offers such opportunity. I personally value it. I know that many — I believe most or all — other members do, too. SDIS is so varied in what it now offers that each of us can pick and choose according to our... more

Topics of Interest


Supper with Scholars

The “Supper with Scholars” will be held on the first Thursday of the month at 6 pm at Humphrey’s La Jolla Grill, 3299 Holiday Ct., La Jolla 92037.  The next two meeting dates are April 3 and May 1, 2014.  These Suppers are informal, relaxed get-togethers that are open to all SDIS members and friends.  We will enjoy interesting conversations that evolve in the inimitable SDIS way.   

Food and drink, ordered from the usual Humphreys menu, is “Dutch Treat”.  Food choices range from full... continue