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The Remarkable Story of Burmese Women

Clues and Surprises from Myanmar

Jean R. Renshaw is a principal in the consulting firm, AJR International Associates, and a Professor of Management and Organizational Behavior.  Her experience bridges years in the academic world, years as an economist at Rand Corporation, and years of consultation to business, governmental and non-governmental agencies. She is an acknowledged expert and author on Women’s rights and empowerment issues in Asian countries, and is much sought after for that expertise. Most recently she has travelled to Burma (Myanmar) and gained insight into the stories of women in that country. She will speak to us about the remarkable and unusual history of the rights and limitations on Burmese Women, and the prognosis for their future evolution in that country based on her research and observations.


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Here we are where we left off in last month's ruminations about age changes in memory. Or maybe you just stumbled into this column. No matter, there is much to discuss in the way of cognitive shields, memory reserves, or protective devices for conserving memory abilities in latter life. With the explosion of Alzheimer’s Disease and the increase in the number of seniors, we want to learn all we can regarding the field of aging, from dementia to “normal” functioning, and the possibility that skills and independence can be maintained over one’s lifetime. Research on these topics is in full swing, with studies on the effects of cognitive training, life-style choices, and physical activity. 

In any... more