The Arab-Israeli Conflict

October 2018

A Possible Resolution

A Talk by
UCSD Prof. Sanford Lakoff


Saturday, October 20, 2018
1:30 –3:30 PM

Room 111A, 
Chancellor’s Complex
UCSD Campus

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Gilman Parking Structure

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A question/discussion period follows the talk.

The Talk: The shortcomings of the two-state solution are becoming increasingly evident. A three-state confederation which includes Jordan could offer a lasting resolution.

To address these serious shortcomings, it is worth considering a broadening of the two-state solution into one that would unify three adjoining states. Israel, Palestine, and Jordan would be associated in a permanent alliance but remain independently sovereign.

In a three-state confederation of Israel, Palestine, and Jordan, borders would be recognized but permeable.
At first blush, this proposal may seem naïve and impractical, if only because it would make the Jordanian regime a third party to what is already a complicated two-dimensional puzzle.

By brokering a tristate confederation, the next American president could claim even more of an historic achievement, this time as a benefactor of both Jews and Arabs and of our own and the world’s peace.

Would there still be obstacles to overcome? Of course. But as Theodor Herzl, the founder of the political Zionist movement once said prophetically, “If you will it, it is no dream.” 


The Speaker: SANDY LAKOFF is professor emeritus of political science at UCSD where he served as founding chair of the department.

A native of New Jersey, he earned his B.A. at Brandeis and his Ph.D. at Harvard.

Lakoff is the author, co-author, or editor, of over a dozen books. He has also published over 50 scholarly articles and book chapters.

A prize for the outstanding senior thesis in Political Science has been established in his honor. He has been awarded a Chancellor’s Associates prize and was voted Outstanding Teacher of the Year by the students of UCSD’s Warren College. In 2008 he was named Edward A. Dickson Professor Emeritus. In November 2018 he will be awarded the Revelle Medal by UCSD for his signal and continuing contributions to the development of the campus.