The Origin and Ultimate Fate of the Universe

October 2017

From the Big Bang to ... What?
Physics as Destiny

A Talk by
Dr. Hans Paar

Saturday, October 21, 2017
1:30 –3:30 PM

Room 111A, 
Chancellor’s Complex
UCSD Campus

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Gilman Parking Structure

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A question/discussion period follows the talk.

The Talk: Dr. Paar will discuss the evolution of the universe from the earliest moments of the big bang, including formation of hydrogen and helium atoms, inflation, condensation of matter, formation of solar systems and ignition of the stars, development of the heavier elements, and the rise of molecules, organic matter, and Life. Finally, he will discuss our knowledge of dark matter and dark energy, the expansion of the universe, and projections on its ultimate fate.

The Speaker: Hans Paar, PhD, is a recently retired Professor of Physics at UCSD. His research specialties are observational cosmology and experimental elementary particle physics. He received his PhD in 1974 from Columbia University in elementary particle physics.

Professor Paar has been working on the observation and study of cosmic background radiation (CMB) with a focus on its polarization, including the elusive B modes. He is a member of the POLARBEAR Collaboration, that observes details of the CMB using a microwave telescope located in the Atacama Desert is Chile, high up in the Andes Mountains at 17,000 feet. The observations are expected to provide details about the earliest moments of the big bang, the event at the birth of our universe. The observations are made by an international team whose founding institutions are UCB, UCSD, and KEK (a Japanese Laboratory). The campaign is strengthened by the addition of two more telescopes that are currently being commissioned.