Culture One

Culture One - Discussions on Cultural Differences 

Our first meeting of 2018 takes place Thursday, Jan 11th, 2:00 - 4:00 PM, Signature Rm, Vi. Our reading assignment picks up in Chapter 7,"The Humanist Revolution," with the section "Is Beethoven Better than Chuck Berry?" This serves as the transition between defining "Humanism," its meaning, authority, and types (Liberal, Social, and Evolutional Humanism) and clarifying the distinguishing features of these three types of Humanism.

This is demonstrated by comparing humans' responses to several types of music. We follow with a historic review of twentieth century applications of forms of humanism, providing an overview of their applicability and relative strength over the years and across cultures. This is an informative way of presenting the contrasts between types of humanism and various forms of religion over the years. It also serves to illustrate the interaction of world affairs, advances in technology and economics with various forms of government and humanism. This is truly gripping in terms of the shifts and forms of dominance revealed in this material. 

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