Culture One

Culture One - Discussions on Cultural Differences 

Culture One discussed Chapter 7, "The Humanist Revolution" (Harari, "Homo Deus") at its February 8th meeting, thereby acknowledging the contemporary dominance of “humanism,” i.e., human thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, rather than depending upon the meaning of cosmic plans and power. This completes the last section of Part II, "Homo Sapiens Gives Meaning to the World."

We are now entering Part III, "Homo Sapiens Loses Control" by studying Chapter 8, "The Time Bomb in the Laboratory," for our March 8th meeting. Here we are presented with the quandary that "factual [liberal] statements just don't stand up to rigorous scientific scrutiny.” Thus, we are confronted with issues of free will, its relation to research on the brain and genetics, belief in individualism, and the "meaning of life." Chapter 8 is a meaty assignment, allowing us to compare our knowledge of "Science" and its relation to other aspects of "Life.“ 

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