Literary Group

Literary Study Group
Shared discussions on Great Books 

The next meeting of the Literature Group will be Monday November 13 at 10:30 a.m., when we will discuss Bret Harte’s Gabriel Conroy. Our new meeting place is The Athenaeum Music & Arts Library at 1008 Wall Street in La Jolla. We welcome SDIS members who wish to “sample” us. No RSVP is necessary; just bring your interest and your brown bag lunch.

The subsequent meeting date will be announced in the next newsletter; the book to be discussed is Henry James’ The Bostonians

Changes In Literature Study Group

Devotees of SDIS’s oldest study group are instituting several procedural modifications in order to facilitate its continuation.

  •   First, from now on, meetings will always be held in one central location rather than alternating in participants’ often distant homes; that location is the Athenaeum in La Jolla.

  •   Second, books to be discussed will henceforth be chosen and announced well in advance in order for those interested to anticipate and read the selections before the meeting. The next books are Gabriel Conroy by Bret Harte, and The Bostonians by Henry James.

  •   Third, and perhaps most important, group members emphasize that attendance at a discussion does not commit an individual to becoming a permanent part of the group. We invite SDIS members to feel free to “drop in” to any meeting and discuss the book that arouses their interest and/or curiosity.

Our procedure: participants bring their own “brown bag” lunch; book analysis and discussion is followed by socializing during lunch. Meetings always occur at 10:30 a.m. on a Monday and vary by week; exact future dates will be announced.