Neuroscience Study Group
The Mind and Consciousness

The next meeting of the Neuroscience Study Group is scheduled for Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 2 pm in Bea Rose's apartment #1909 at the Vi. Visitors are welcome but please call Bea Rose first (858) 458- 9263) because space is limited.

Reading suggestions are:

1. Chapter 8 in Christof Koch’s Consciousness in which he expresses his ideas of consciousness and describes information theory and its attributes. There are only two chapters left in this privileged adventure of sharing Koch’s brilliance as a scientist and writer -- in which he discusses the future and the ramifications of science on our culture.

2. David Christian’s article in Brockman's This Explains Everything, p. 174, which discusses ‘emergent’, a topic Koch refers to in chapter 8.

Time will be given for further discussion of the consequences (ethical and otherwise) of the reported technology using stem cells to create embryos as presented at the last meeting. If you have read any current articles on these topics, please send a link to the group and/or bring copies to the meeting so they can be discussed.