New Member Information

Welcome, we are pleased that you are joining us in SDIS.

  • To join, please fill in the requested information – address, phone number, email address and up to three interests — on the accompanying membership form. We use this form for our internal records and to update our Directory, which is distributed to our members.
  • Below is an explanation of UCSD library card procedures and responsibilities. If you sign up for a UCSD library card, you pay only half the cost, because we underwrite it as another benefit for our members.

UCSD Library Card Information (Optional)

  • UCSD Library Cards are available at $25 per person for SDIS members who are 65 or over.
  • Library privileges are Level 2, Graduate Student, except for inter-library loan services. For more information about these privileges, contact the library. A pamphlet with complete details is available at the circulation desk. Or you can call 858-534-3336 and press 0 for the operator.
  • Each new member will be notified by the SDIS treasure, regarding the date when that person’s card will be available.
  • To get your library card, go to the circulation desk at the Geisel Library (main library) on the UCSD Campus. Request your Library card as an SDIS member. The librarian will have an SDIS list with your name on it.
  • NOTE: If your name is not on the library’s list and you believe it should be, please do not question the librarian. Contact the SDIS Treasurer, David E. Parker 858-453-6351 [email protected] .
  • You will need to present two forms of ID, e.g., driver’s license, passport, credit card or Social Security card. At least one ID must have your picture.
  • If you have a UCSD library card already, your information will be updated and your card renewed. If you have never had a card, you will need to complete a formal application in addition to presenting your ID.
  • Your one-year card (Sept through the following Sept) will expire on October 1, at the end of that fiscal year, at which time you can renew it as a continuing SDIS member.
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What Members Say

“I was looking for something like the study groups. I’m so glad I found SDIS. My life is richer because of it. “


“At SDIS I get to spend time with some terrific, interesting people.”


“I’ve been stimulated intellectually by SDIS activities and have been delighted by the people I’ve met.I have been encouraged to write when I otherwise wouldn’t have, and have been introduced to subjects I didn’t know about.”